History of Independence, MO

There are many historical sites in the history of Kansas City. Some of the most famous include the historic Jewish Synagogue and the National Museum. There are also many other historical locations that are found in Kansas City.  We are proud to service Kansas City for its residential painting needs.


The history of the Kansas city metro area started sometime in the 1800s when Frenchmen from Saint Louis, Missouri made their way down the Missouri River in search for furs for trade with the native Americans. This journey was the beginning of a long, winding road for them to eventually arrive in Kansas City. They settled in the area around present-day Kansas City.


While some of the history of Kansas City is fairly recent, there are some older sites as well. Some of these include the Williamstown, Kansas City cemetery, the Old Main Street Railroad Depot, the old City Hall, and the Old Post Office building, among others.

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Famous President Harry S. Truman – Independence MO

Born in rural Missouri in 1884, when he was six years old, Harry S Truman moved to Independence with his family so he and his brother and sister could access Independence school systems.  The Harry S. Truman Library and Museum (1957), containing the private papers and mementos of the former president, has a painting of Thomas Hart Benton, Freedom and the Opening of the West; in the courtyard is the grave of Truman. His Victorian home from the mid-19th-century and his courtroom and office are preserved.


For the Latter Day Saints, Independence continues to be of considerable significance and is the location of the Community of Christ, the second largest denomination of the Latter Day Saint group. This church has a temple constructed, a large auditorium preserved, and a large visitor center located right across the street from the original Temple Lot. The lot itself is occupied by a small white-frame church building that serves as the Church of Chris headquarters and local meeting house.


There are multiple attractions in the region, including the National Frontier Trails Center, several historic homes, Independence Square, the place where untold thousands of settlers and emigrants prepared themselves for their journey west, markers of the Civil War, and more, will see its rich heritage.

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