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Lee’s Summit is an extremely beautiful city located in the counties of Cass and Jackson in the state of Missouri. Its population as of the 2020 census was just over 90,000, making it currently the sixth largest city in both of these areas. In this article I will tell you a little bit more about this city.

Many of Lee’s Summit residents have high school memories. When they were in school there they were either in Cass County or in Jackson County. Many people in Lee’s Summit and Cass County have fond memories of the schools that they attended. All of these students remember going to Lee’s Summit High School.

A high school that Lee’s Summit High School is well known for. This school is located on the southwest part of town. The buildings are very large and beautiful, and the students all seem to enjoy being in the building. This school has won many awards during its short history, including many local and national awards for achievement and excellence.

Another award winning school in Lee’s Summit Missouri is Larchmere High School. This school is also located on the west side of town. Larchmere High School was also named a state award winner for excellence in teaching.

Some of the colleges in Lee’s Summit are University of Central Missouri and Summit Christian College. These schools offer a variety of degrees and certifications. Many of them also teach online.

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Churches In Lee’s Summit, Missouri

In some parts of Lee’s Summit Mo there are churches, but these are located outside of town. If you are looking for a church in which to worship you can go to St. James Cathedral. There is also the Holy Ghost Cathedral in Lee’s Summit, but there is also a Catholic Church in Lee’s Summit. There is also a United Methodist Church in Lee’s Summit, which has branches in several cities throughout the country.

If you do not find what you are looking for in Lee’s Summit Mo, there are many other options. In this area of the country, there are many people who have been raised with different religious beliefs. You can find great places of worship Lee’s Summit.

Historical Buildings In Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Another interesting thing about Lee’s Summit is that there are a lot of historical buildings, and old houses that are still standing. These are a great place to visit. Many of the homes have historical value. There are also parks that are located around the town as well.

Overall, there are a lot of things to see in Lee’s Summit. People that live here have spent generations living in the area. There are also many places to go and see that will give you an education as well.

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