Things to Do in Independence, MO

Here in Independence, an array of leisure opportunities await you!  There will be no shortage of R&R, whether it is taking a covered wagon trip on the historic Independence Square, watching all kinds of sports activities at Cable Dahmer Arena or relaxing in one of our immaculate parks. Take a minute to browse through all the amusement categories here in Freedom.  House Painting Kansas City Pros is proud to be a top rated Independence painter.

Some places put a battered old brochure rack out and call it perfect. Here in Independence, that doesn’t cut it. We run two Visitor Experience Centers – one in the nearby Chamber of Commerce and one in the Historic Truman Courthouse.   The Center is a  modern-day epicenter with free knowledge and free-flowing dialogue is the Tourist Experience Hub. We really know how to make the welcome wagon roll out. So stop by, get the lay of the land and have a cup of coffee, java or a water bottle.

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Background and Culture

The Oregon Trail, Mormon Background, Historical Locations Tens of thousands of American trailblazers took their primary steps west in Independence, MO.

Long before the days of President Harry S. Truman, the trailblazers made Independence one of the most prominent beginning point for the Oregon Trail. For a while, in the mid-1800s, our streets rolled under the weight of wood wagons, and they hummed with the guarantee of free land and a new beginning.

At the same time, Independence was expanding in its own right. The people developed a appropriate courthouse, built churches and houses and opened services to offer the many tourists.

Today, you can experience the story of our pioneering past at several museums and historic locations.

Things To Do Near Me, Independence, MO

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The fifth largest city in the state of Missouri is Independence. The Latter Day Saints Visitors’ Center in Independence, MO

Latter Day Saints Visitors’ Center
The Latter Day Saints Visitors’ Center is built on a section of land that the church once bought to develop a temple. It includes displays about the background of the church in Missouri.

The Community of Christ Temple Lot Historical Location in Independence, MO.

Temple Lot. The Latter Day Saints bought this land in 1831. They prepared to develop a temple to secure their City of Zion. The temple was never developed, however the land remains crucial to the church.

The Gilbert Whitney shop in Independence, MO
. Gilbert and Whitney Shop.
This is the site of the Gilbert and Whitney & Co. church store, bought in 1832. A mob gathered in 1833 to knock down the establishment. A store by the exact same name stands here today.

Independence Historical Locations.
The City of Independence, MO, advertises 5 historic places that aid tell our story.

See what life was like for the people of Independence during and soon after our pioneering chapter. Enjoy tours led by educated citizens, who are passionate about our background.

Historical places are open from April through October every year.

They resume from November through December for special holiday tours.

The Vaile Mansion in Independence, MO. A big Victorian House,.
Vaile Mansion.
Developed by Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Vaile in 1881, the Vaile Mansion was “ one of the most princely home and one of the most comfortable home in the whole west.”.

The Bingham-Waggoner Estate places below the shade of trees in Independence, MO
. Bingham-Waggoner Estate. Set on a big, beautiful lot, this 26-room, three-story mansion consists of 95% of the initial contents from the last living family members on the estate.

1859 Jail, Marshal’s Home and Museum.
The 1859 Jail, Marshal’s Home and Museum once housed the notorious Frank James, sibling to disallow Jesse James. It is just one of the last initial structures on the Independence Square.ld_company] handles any type of obstacle when it pertains to painting Independence, Missouri.

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